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Make: 2009

Model: Harley 1200XL    

Reason for building the bike:  I wanted something different

Previous rides: 1978 Chevy K10 
How long have you been in the hobby?  Since I was a child.

Name of the Bike: GoldiLocks
Why? She’s all gold

Engine make:  2009 Harley
Displacement: 1200cc

Engine mods: Dyno tuned with a Power Pro FI1000

Engine Add-ons: Two brothers exhaust, Joker machined air cleaner. The transmission is the stock version with a Barnett Stage 2 clutch.

Front Wheel:  21” spoke wheel on  Avon 90X21 whitewall tire

Rear Wheel:  16” spoke wheel on  Avon whitewall 150X8X16 tire

Gas tank: a 2014 1.5gal model with a tank riser.

Paint: is a custom  Gold flake painted by Resaca Beach Paint and Body of Resaca, GA

Seat: is a Solo Roland Sands model.

Lights: The headlight is a Optic 7” and the tail lights are shaved bullets.

Suspension: The factory frame is stock and a chrome swing arm was added.

Handle bars are a 12” Vintage King Ape set  and matching foot pegs by Roland Sands.

Fenders are stock Harley parts with an 8” bob cut.