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Year:  2008
Make:  Chevy Silverado

Reason for building: Always loved bagged duallies

How long have you been in the hobby? 15 years
Who helped (friends): Von Chomolany, Derek Davfeldt, Lindsey Davis

Previous rides: 84 Chevy S10, 96 S10, 2001 Blazer, 68 Caddy

Club Affiliation: Sadistic Kustomz

Name of your ride: Fat Butt
Why? Because she has a fat butt.

Engine:   The original Duramax 6.6 is in place tuned by PPEI, EGR, DELETS, DPF Delete. An Air Dog 4G lift pump has been added.

Suspension:  Up front, a set of Lilttle Shop of Horrors lowered control arms were added. A 10 notch and custom 3 link was added in the rear with a tube bridge were done by Laddies Customs of Des Moines, Iowa. The air system includes Slam Specialties RE8 bags, an  AccuAir Elevel controller and an engine driven compressor.

Paint:  is  GM Summit White and the custom flame mix flop was by Todd himself.

Audio/Video: The head unit is a Kenwood model backed by NVX Audio JAD 1200 amp, NVX MVPA4 subs, and finally 6.5 MVX V-series speakers in the doors.

Tires/wheels:  24 ET wheels are mounted on 295/35/24 tires.

A special shout-out to my sponsors:
Airdog, NVX Audio, Killerwaxx Texas, and SBD Fabrication.