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A sparse $500 purchase started this build back in 2010. After only six months and a total build cost of $5000, this gorgeous rider is something to behold. Since the 70's, Bob always wanted to build a Street Tracker...

I think he hit a homerun with this one.
This bike was taken all the way down to bare frame, shaving all unused fasteners and mounts before grinding and smoothing the all metal frame before coating it in bright silver. All wiring was upgraded and routed to clean the overall look and style he was Wanting.
The stock 650 was taken apart, cleaned and prepped for a few tasteful mods and light rebuilding. The engine saw its first overbore with factory crank and cams used on the build to shave dollars. The head was lightly ported to allow for better flow, along with longer intake runners, ported to match, and Mikuni 34mm carbs used to provide the fuel topped with separate K&N style pod filters. The rest of the
factory parts, covers, and head were either polished to a mirror like finish or painted to perfection.

The suspension saw a modest amount of mods as well. The front telescopic forks were taken down and new fork seals and polished for an easy glide. The rear shocks were upgraded to keep the back in line during hard
cornering. A fully re-polished and painted set of
spokes were used with a 19 inch mounted with an Avon 100/90-19 on the front while the rear 18
had an Avon 4.00 X 18 fitted.

The factory tank was used, but rear section was
replaced with an Omar's Street Tracker system
that included a one-piece unit including seat
and fairing section. All body parts were prepped
and shot by Bob in black Nason Acrylic Enamel,
then old style Yamaha yellow striping was painted, using brilliant metal flake silver as pin
striping trim.