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Year:  2016
Name of your ride: Mack Rat.
Reason for building this ride: We own a truck
shop and use this truck around the yard.
How long have you been in the hobby? Since I
could drive.
Who helped (friend)? My brother Blake and wife
Lauren Tindal.

Engine:  A 2001 Cummins R-Model built by our
company, Tindal Truck Sales. A 13mm injection
pump pushes fuel through 350HP injectors. A
S475 turbo charger provides lot of boost.
Transmission is NV4500. The exhaust exits just
behind the passenger side front fender.

Suspension:  The frame has been Zed by Jay
himself at the Mayfield, KY shop. A complete air
ride system replaces the standard setup. Behind
the cab sits a massive fuel tank and fifth wheel
mount for moving trailers around..
Paint:  is jet black
Tires/wheels:  22 semi wheels are home on all
four corners. Tires are Kumho  255/70/R22.5