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Year:  1930
Make:  Ford Model A
Reason for building: For the hell of it.
How long have you been in the hobby? 10 years
Previous rides: 33 Chevy rat
Who helped? Steven Smith, Wayne Wells, Chris
Engine:  A 1969 Chevy 350 built by KV Lipham
provides tire burning power to the rear wheels..
Suspension:  The frame has been modded for air
ride by the Dog House Garage of Oxford, AL.

Paint:  is courtesy of Mother Nature
Body Mods:  The roof remains open so “Mr.
Bones” can help with the back seat driving.
Upfront on the radiator shell sits the “Hobgoblin”
looking for trouble ahead.
Interior: The interior is home to the bare
minimum. A variety of gauges fill the dash.  A
unique gear driven shifter and chain cup holder
sit on a sheet metal console.  The bare seats
are cut pieces of foam for the rat rod comfortable
Tires/wheels:  Stock steel 15” wheels mounted
on Cooper Trendsetter P205/75/15  tires in the
front and monster Geolander A/Ts  31/10.5/15 on
the rear.