We have featured a number of cool rides
owned by Brandon Sutton. If you are
interested in buying a custom ride this is the
man to contact! We were lucky enough to
meet up at the Horsepower by the River
show to shoot this one.
Lynn Hemrick has built a number of bikes over
the years.  He loves vintage and cafe style bikes
but wanted something a little different this
J. B Bracken races bikes and needed something
to tow them with. So he decided to go all out
and put this truck together for the job.
Free Candy
Surfer Wagon
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City Mouse
Coker Cruise In
December 2016
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Chris Owen wanted to build a truck that one day
would be magazine worthy. The first time we
show it we knew we wanted in ours. When we
had the opportunity to have Claire Estep model
with it made the complete package.
January 2017
February 2017
March 2017