At first sight at Lay'D Out at the Park we
knew we wanted to feature it.  It is a prime
example of an old school boulevard cruiser.
Check it out!
Dan Asher wanted to build something different
when he started building this two wheel rocket.
From front to rear this bike is custom and with
the help of friends he has a one of a kind ride.
This 800 HP 1959 El Camino “Hulk Camino” is
one of the most hell raising rides we have ever
seen. When Chris Walker builds a ride it's a
show stopper!
Black Beauty
57 Bow Tie
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Coker Cruise In
Coty always wanted a bagged Colorado. When
he bought this ride it was a lifted big tire truck
and went to work making it his own version. We
think he did a great job and want to thank him for
allowing us to feature it.
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