Michael Taylor built this ride and sold it.
Years later he regretted letting it go so he
bought it back. This rocketship on wheels
looks more at home on a drag strip than the
road but he drives it everyway.
Josh built a one of a kind bike for sure.
Everything about this bike is over the top from
the custom one off frame to the killer paint job.
Tom Dorris has always built rides that no one
else does. We met him at the Redneck Rumble
and just had to feature this cool ride. Be sure
to check out all the handmade details.
General Dragger
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Michael Mooneyham wanted to build a cool daily
driver.  He has owned a S10 in the past so he
started with what he knows. This 94 was gone
over front to rear with his personel touch. He
decided to go with a General Lee theme for the
Dukes of Hazards but with his own twist.
January 2017
February 2017