Steve always loved the 66-67 Chevy body
style. So when it was time to build a ride he
knew what he wanted. This stock looking
sleeper is one wild ride when the pedal is on
the metal.
Austin Hunter wanted to build something
different when he started building this two wheel
rocket. From front to rear this bike is custom and
with the help of friends he has a one of a kind
Roger builds rides for a hobby. We saw this
one at Slammin  &Jammin and knew from the
start we wanted to feature it. This is a great
example of 40-50s hot rod.
Grand Canyon
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
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Bottle Rocket
Coker Cruise In
Jonathan and family have been working on this
ride for what seems like forever. But with some
work from some very good friends now drives
one great truck.
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