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Make: Custom      Year:  2005      Color:  Orange/Blue
Date of Purchase: July 2010
Cost to Build:  $20,000

How Long to Build: 9 months

Who Helped: Virgil Vansandt (partner)

Reason for Building Bike:  Built for Universal Studios for use in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Builder: Sho Nuff Customs (Jason Ingram), Rogersville, AL

How long have you been in the hobby: All my life

Club Affiliations: None (Lone Wolf)
Name of Bike: Bottle Rocket
Why: Nitrous themed bike

Engine Make:  Rev Tech
Model: 100  Year: 2005 # of Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 1638 cc
Engine Builder: Rev Tech

Engine Modifications: Built to spray 80hp shot of nitrous, forged internals, full race prep

Engine Add-ons: Fully custom.  Dry sump oil system, cams, pipes, NOS Nitrous with direct port injection

Transmission: 5-speed Kicker Transmission
Manufacturer: Rev Tech

Who did mods: Sho Nuff Customs

Front Wheel / Tire: 21 spoke / 120/70R21
Rear Wheel / Tire: 18 spoke / 250/40R18

Frame: Custom Built
Frame / Fender Color: Metallic orange with green pearl in clear, painted by Sho Nuff Customs

Interesting note, the NOS bottles are actually fuel tanks.  The actual NOS bottle is hidden elsewhere (not pictured)

Additional Information: This bike was specifically built for use in the movie Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (as seen in the workshop scene directly after the Disco Scene).  It has also been used as display bike at SEMA, Las Vegas two years in a row (2005 and 2006).
Photos and Story by Michael Long