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Year:  1996
Make:  Ford F150

Reason for building: I have always loved the car/truck show scene

How long have you been in the hobby:  Quite awhile

Name of your ride: The Mistress 

Why? That name was given by my wife

Engine:  The original 5.0 is still in the engine bay.  A cold air intake, programmer, and Flowmaster exhaust were added.

Suspension:  A Ford Explorer rack and pinion steering setup was grafted then the stock frame was modified up front with James Smith control arms. In the rear a c-notch was added with a three link setup.  Air bags are from Slam Specialties and controlled by Accu-Air equipment. A 14" disc brake setup was transplanted from a Dodge Ram onto all four corners.

Paint:  is Ford black and Toreador Red the flames were added.

Body mods:  A custom billet grille was added when the door handles and tailgate were shaved.

Interior: The factory ac was replaced with a Vintage Air system. A stock dash was filled with Dakota Digital gauges. An Intro steering wheel replaces the stock version. A Ford Expedition console sits between the seats. The interior is done in gray and black.

Truck Bed: The bed has been tubbed  and a notch cover added then sprayed with Pro-Liner bed liner.

Tires/wheels:  Up front Intro 22 wheels are mounted Toyo 285/30/22 tires and in the rear Intro 24 wheels sit in Toyo 295/30/24 tires.

Special thanks to my friends and family for their help and support and to my wife thank you for sharing my passion for the car and truck scene.