We shot this feature at the TS Perfromance
event after two days of downpouring rain.
The park was a toal mud hole but that didn't
stop us from shooting this killer ride.
Tim Whitney wanted to build a bike from one
off parts and compete on a national level at
bike shows. We think he needs to make room
for a lot of trophies coming his way.
Hayley Leible wanted a ride she could show off
at car shows. Her dad supports her 100% and
helped her create something a little different. 
We think you will get a kick out of this family
Ron Lahr and Eric Poe built this ride for the Rat
Rod Build-Off. It was completed for $2984 and
finished it in 23 days. Days after we shot this
feature disaster hit.  Check out the features
and see what happen.
Up Down II
Rain or Shine
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