Tim had watched this build over time and
when the original builder put it up for sale
he jumped on it.  Over time he wants to add
his own personal touch to this gorgeous

Quincy Reed owns Raising Kane Customs and
builds bikes. He doesnít build wallflowers he
builds them to be ridden. He took a stock Buell
and created a one of a kind true rider.

Jim Bussiere sold his mini truck but wanted to
stay in the show scene.  He decided to up the
game and build this killer Challenger. Inside
and out this car is awesome. Be sure to check
out this monthís featured car.

Beau Stevenson and his father built high end
street rods for a long time. Benny (Beauís)
father wanted to finally build a rat rod,
something they didnít have to baby. They
finished this ride and in July 2015 Benny
passed away after showing it only once. 

1 Low RT
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