This truck was Logan's grandfather work
truck. It's been in the family for what seems
like forever. When his grandfather passed
away Logan and his father thought they
would give it a makeover. We think they did
a great job!
Billy and Richard Harris wanted a one of a
kind bike. This one has gone through a number
of makeovers.  We met at the NOPI Myrtle
Beach show last year and it was one of the
baddest bikes there.
Brandon has always been a car guy. He is a
wheeler and dealer and has some great rides
all the time. We were lucky enough to be able
to shoot this future while he still owned it.
Keith has a number one of the coolest rat rods
we have seen in awhile. We had the
opportunity to shoot it at the RA All Star in
2015.  His one is his driver.
The Soft Top
The Splatter
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