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Year:  1962
Make: VW Beetle
How long to build: Three years
Reason for building: I have always loved
fixing up rides and thought what better
than a Beetle.
Previous rides: 08 Scion XB, 90 Nissan
Club Affiliation: Relaxed Atmosphere
Engine:  The original Beetle four cylinder
remain but has been upgraded by B&R
Customs of Crossville, TN. The engine is
now 164CC with stock internal parts. This
provides better reliability of the basic
engine.  Exhaust is routed through a EMPI
Merge header system. Muffler is an EMPI
Paint:  is a basic two tone of green and
beige giving the old school look.
External Body Mods:  Include a roof and
truck luggage racks.
Suspension:  The front beam was narrowed
six inches.
Interior:  is color coordinated green vinyl
over oatmeal colored carpet. A set of add-
on gauges include a tach, oil temp, and
Tires/wheels: The front has 4 stock wheel
and the rear are 8 custom five inch wide
smoothies. Tires are 135R15 and 195/50/15.