Richmond's Machine Shop Clarksville, TN
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Year: 1956

Make: Ford F100

Bought it in 2002

Bought for: $5000

Cost to build: $30000

How long did it take to build? 2 years

Reason for this ride: I liked this model of Ford truck.

Who helped: My son, David

Pervious rides: Jag X12

How long have you been in the hobby? 15 years

Club Affiliation: Nope

Engine:  The 1974 Pontiac small block replaced the old tired stocker.  Dave went over the engine adding the cam, intake, carb and etc.  Chrome add-on finish off the engine bay.  A Chevy Turbo 350 transmission transfers engine power to the rear end.

Suspension: The stock frame was fitted with a Chrysler front clip. A stout Ford 9 is more than enough to keep things straight in a hard pull.

External Body Mods: The roof has a 4: chop, the body has been shaved of door handle and un needed trim.

Paint: is a PPG Silver pearl shot by Bryon Addison on New York.

Interior: The dash was has been painted to match the exterior. A set of TPI electronic gauges were swapped for the stockers. A genie shifter is used to change gears while pointing this beast in the right direction while holding onto the Momo steering wheel. The seat is covered with a gray tweed and oak trim..

Tires/wheels: 4 of each. ;)