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Photographers Wanted... We're looking for folks all over the US and elsewhere to help us cover shows. Your work will be posted and credit given to you. The ideal person would have a 3 megapixel digital camera or more and high speed internet access fast for downloading of files but snail mail will work. Send an email to: photographer@cruisinthestreets.com Please list all shows you will attending over the year. If you can provide us with quality photos and can help us grow you will be added to our staff section . You will get a free T shirt, decals, and business cards. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Scott has been doing this for awhile. This truck started as a daily driver
for his lovely wife Kathy. They both knew how long that was going to last.
Shortly, thereafter the air ride was added and the blown SBC.
Who known's what will come next?

Rachel is a local Clarksville lady who did us the honor of modeling with Scott's truck.
Ben has built probably the most over the top Scion XB we have ever seen.
This thing is custom from front to rear. Check out the doors and how they open.
It's just wild.

Danielle was at the show and shared her beauty with us once again. Thanks as always!
Welcome to a new month!!

Check out our new flipbook feature.  We plan to feature a new one from time to time.
We would like feedback on how we can make it better.
As always, we will continue to try to bring you some of the best event coverage on the Internet.

SpringFling is just around the corner as fast as time is flying.
Meanwhile, we have posted the last of the 2009 season here.
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We are proud to feature another beauty from our own Tennessee!
Kara is a model, actress, and promotions person.
She has served as a Patriot Girl of the USA & Tennessee.
Stay tuned, it will be off the hook!