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Summer's here

And so is the heat
We hope to see you guys at some of the shows we attend.
Shows we attend this month:

Scrapin' The Coast June 24-27, 2010 (Biloxi, MS)
Slamology June 18-20 (Indianapolis, IN)
Scrapin the Smokies June 12-13, 2010 (Asheville, NC)
The Big Show June 4-6 (Rockingham, NC)
Why FAT RAT well it has some fat ass tires in the back and the BBC is called a rat motor so it just fit the car and my two girls really liked the name.

The car really gives the family time to get out and enjoy the hobby meet new people and talk to old and new friends.

Asphalt Assassin
The Aruarian woman (me) = a blend of tradition and conservatism with a passionate desire for the unconventional and bohemian. She has a large appetite for the unusual and unpredictable.
Special thanks to: my brother Jay for getting me into mini trucks, and my friends Tim Taylor, Paul Rogers, my wife Leslie ( my accountant) and anyone I might have forgotten.
After you build one of the nicest Escalades in Alabama what do you do for an encore?
You start construction of a land yacht!

That's just what Gotti is doing. Check out the start of his build right here.